Alaska Ecological Contracting Ltd

Seriously committed to ecological restoration …

“Management and maintenance work on sensitive sites such as Nature Reserves and SSSIs is often undertaken by hand or with light tools . . .”

. . . but there are times when work needs to be done at a larger scale, or more quickly, than is possible using traditional methods. This is Alaska's niche. We exercise the same levels of care and skill as traditional workers, but our highly trained operatives use the latest machines and tools to ensure the best possible outcome for the UK’s most valued ecological sites.

We have a close working relationship with many of the UK’s top-flight consultant ecologists, and Alaska has an enviable reputation for producing innovative solutions to apparently insurmountable technical difficulties. Where we have led, others have followed - many of our innovations and techniques have become ‘mainstream’, recognised as ‘best practise’, and copied or licensed around the globe.

Much of our work is in National Parks, on SSSIs, SACs, AONBs, etc is ‘cutting-edge’: we take on the problem sites - the too steep, the too wet, the too remote - that other contractors baulk at. Whether creating a new habitat, restoring a degraded one, maintaining one to the high standard it deserves, or moving an existing one to another site, we deliver best practice, value for money, and total commitment.

Our real strength is in our workforce: we take the best machine operators that we can find, and we train them to be even better - to meet our, and exceed our client’s, exacting standards of workmanship. Our MD and Contracts Manager have between them over 47 years of experience planning, overseeing and bringing in on budget the entire gamut of Alaska’s ecological and environmental contracts. We have our own Fitter and workshop, to keep our machines maintained to the high environmental standards demanded when working on ecologically sensitive sites, and specialised or bespoke equipment is fabricated. We have a fully equipped, mobile workshop to deploy at short notice to take care of the inevitable breakdowns and ‘emergencies’. And last but not least (because one of them is writing this!) are our experienced and versatile office staff, who see to the invisible yet essential ‘back-office’ functions that keep ‘the wheels of the business oiled’ and running smoothly.

We believe that the value of our team really is greater than the sum of its parts.

Alaska Ecological Contracting,
Stokeford Farm,
East Stoke,
BH20 6AN

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